You have to do this to fix your home’s pier and beam foundation problems!

Pier and beam foundation is the most favorite slab foundation in building a home. Besides it has a low price budget, which can save your money a lot, they also can be built with the quick time so it will not waste your time. Then, it also has the strong concrete materials which make the high-quality home’s foundation in your place. The other advantage in using pier and beam is your home will be more stable in construction, because it can handle the soil movement well.

But, even the strongest materials have their own age to broke or need a repair and so does the pier and beam. If they start to broken and you have no idea what to do next, just read the explanation below to make you understand to fix slab foundation :

How to fix your home’s pier and beam foundation problems

1. Site Shoring Technique
The Site Shoring Technique is the most recommended way to do in the term of repairing the pier and beam foundation. This technique uses observation to detect the crack pattern on the wall. After observing the crack line, you have to look along the wall’s base. Then, you can do the site shoring technique.

Usually, this technique uses the temporary kind of shoring while you can fix the main problems. You can insert the timber below the existing foundation’s beams. This inserted materials will transfer the stress on the new piers.

2. The Improper Drainage
The home’s foundation is becoming weak, having a mold growth, and then being cracked when the drainage does not keep away from the basement of the home. Then, the drainage system has the constant humidity in the basement of your home.

So, you have to keep your foundation away from that things to make it stay strong. Do not forget to fix slab foundation too in order to keep your home’s foundation well maintained.

So, from the explanation above, you just have to call on and make everything handled by the professional foundation repair, especially to fix slab foundation. Do not have any worry about this company because they have both skill and experience to make your home well maintained again!

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