What is Fat Freezing Tummy?

Fat freezing tummy sculpting is actually not a new form of therapy. Therapy that is also often called Zeltiq is again a trend, especially after Kate Middleton reportedly chose this therapy to get the ideal body shape after giving birth. Although this therapy is not only popular with women but also men, unfortunately only people with certain criteria that can undergo this therapy.

This therapy is suitable for those who have a good body shape, healthy living habits, and regular exercise. Unfortunately, they found that the pattern of fat distribution in the body was not as desired. The same thing is said dermatologist from Boston. He thinks the best candidate for this therapy is someone who is not overweight. This therapy is more targeted patients who have stubborn fat in the abdomen, hips, or thighs.

The best therapeutic results obtained by women who regularly eat nutritiously and exercise during pregnancy. However, they have the remaining fat due to pregnancy and want to get the body back to ideal post-copper. Visit to do this therapy.

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