The daily maintenance for your sofa

Regularly cleaning the sofa little by little makes the task of caring for the sofa becomes lighter as it reduces the time you need to clean it intensively. In the meantime, perhaps you should call the trusted upholstery cleaning Sydney if you don’t have the time to clean your sofa by yourself.

Here are tips to prevent dust and dirt accumulate on your sofa:

Clean any stains on the surface of the sofa as quickly as possible. Newly formed stains are easier to remove than old stains that have dried and seep into the fabric fibers of the sofa.

Suck dust on sofas and chairs at least once a week. Dust is left to accumulate, gradually become the ground after mixing with the humidity of the air so that change the color of your sofa becomes darker and duller.

If there are parts of the sofa or chair that can be removed, wash it regularly. Put back the sofa wrap and sofa cushion when it is still a bit damp so that after dry, the fabric will return to follow the form of the sofa.

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