Know Some Tips for Overcoming Problems On The Wall

Walls in the house, of course, be a matter to be considered because it will greatly affect the overall foundation of the house. the solid wall you must have in order to get a quality building. If there is a problem, then you should get a fix slab foundation in order to handle the problem.

There are some problems on the wall that are often experienced by many people. So many kinds of problems should you know the right solution in order to handle it well.

– Clean the kitchen wall
If your kitchen wall is dirty, it will be very disturbing you in enjoying cooking activities in the kitchen. The way you can solve this problem is if your kitchen wall uses ceramic, then you can clean it with dish soap and clean it with a soft cloth.

– Nailing the wall
Nailing walls to put paintings, photographs or various other things should also be considered as well. Or the wall of your house can experience cracks. You can handle it more effectively by giving tape and stick it on the wall, then nail the wall above the tape. The walls will not crack because the masking tape serves as a shockwave.

– Prevents cracked walls
You should be able to keep your walls in order not to crack, the way is by not nailing the walls indiscriminately, not slamming doors because the vibrations can create cracks in the walls of the house and various other ways you should do.

– Overcome moist on the bathroom wall
To overcome this problem is to coat the bathroom wall with a waterproof material that can be made with a mixture of cement and sand with a 1: 2 banding. You can also coat your bathroom wall with waterproof material such as ceramics to a minimum height of 1.6 meters.

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