Ceramic Floor Problem And How To Prevent It

The ceramic floor is one type of floor that is very widely used especially for residential buildings. Easy to come by, available in a variety of sizes, shades/motifs, and colors, and easy in its care becomes the reason many people choose the tile floor for home. Therefore, ceramic issues if not discussed with experts it will be very complicated, such as this one problem, for example, the size of ceramics is not the same. This problem is common in low quality ceramic tile products. Even the severe sometimes low-quality ceramic tile is not elbows at the corners. If you have this want to be as good as any carp would not be able to produce a neat pair of the tiled floor. To prevent it buy always ceramic tile material with quality number one.

The pattern or color of ceramics is not the same, it is confusing. This problem is common if we lack ceramic tile material and buy different brand ceramic tile products. But make no mistake, for one brand same product can also occur if different production groups. To prevent it calculate the need for the necessary ceramic material and order it simultaneously. Additionally add at least 5% of the volume of installed material requirements for supplies if a ceramic replacement is required in the future, for example, there is a broken ceramic. Ceramics exploded, Problems detachment or lifting of ceramic pairs that cause explosive sounds, often occurring on ceramic floor couples on concrete slabs (usually upstairs).

Why popping up? There are several possible causes, among others; Quality of mix with bad stickiness, Difference of shrinkage between concrete floor plate, mortar ceramic mortar, and ceramic itself, There is a adeflection/decrease of concrete plate structure due to excessive load. How to prevent popping up on the tile floor? Installation of ceramics is done sometime after the concrete floor plate has shrunk or has stabilized its concrete structure. Provide a thick layer of sand 2-3 cm between concrete and mortar plates for ceramic pairs as vibration dampers and expansion shrinkage.

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